Guaranteed Policy was created to help sports bettors make money by betting on sports daily and giving sports betting advice. You can also get $60 FREE for member sports picks from Doc's Sports - Click Here. We guarantee our picks 100% and our sports picks packages are guaranteed 100%! Some sports pick packages carry a special guarantee. That guarantee is for a profit of different amount of units depending on the length of the package. You will not find any other sports service that does this on the internet. If you do happen to find a service and they offer a better guarantee let us know and we will increase our guarantee for you!

We do not offer a money back policy like some services do unless specified on the package or pick. If a package or pick does not profit we will compensate the bettor with an equal time package free of charge. As I mentioned there are some special circumstances and sports promotions that we offer where we will offer a money back guarantee, but that must be in the terms of the pick or package. If there is no statement such as "guaranteed or your money back," then you will receive a pick or package of equal value.

We often get emails about a handicapper who lost a single pick or day and you must understand that our services focus on the long haul and not on day-to-day profits. Most sports bettors understand that you won't win every single day and that shooting to win 55-60% of your games will allow you to win quite a bit of money.

Guarantee Policy

1. There is no free time given when a profit has been made. Even if a handicapper goes 1-2 and makes a profit we still will not receive additional selections. This can happen as all of our plays are scaled.

2. All plays are scaled 1-5 units. Check out our handicappers bios to find more information on how they rate their plays.

3. There is only one free subscription given per purchase. Even if the handicapper does not profit back what you lost on the first package, no more picks or packages will be sent. Now again this part of the guarantee can be different if you purchase a package with a special guarantee or promotion. If nothing is stated than no special guarantee or promotion exists.

5. For all subscriptions you will get an equal time package starting the next day. During Football season if the handicapper loses on Monday Night Football your subscription will start the next day that handicapper has a pick for football including college football.

Why do we have this policy?
The main reason is we want you to be a serious investor. Check out our sports monitor and records and you will see that everyone of our handicappers is successful over the long haul. You have to have the patience to ride out the good and bad over the course of a full season.
2/19/18 Top Sports Picks
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NHL Money Line on Kings v. Blackhawks

**#1 ranked NHL in 2015-16**
**#4 ranked NHL in 2008-09**
**#5 ranked NHL in 2011-12**
**#5 ranked NHL in 2010-11**
**#5 ranked Overall in 2012**
**#5 ranked Overall in 2008**
**#6 ranked Overall in 2011**

Join Doc's Sports with his money line on Kings v. Blackhawks!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or the next day is FREE!

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