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Sat's ALL SPORTS 7-Pack from Bobby Conn!

Nobody and I mean NOBODY is more on top of their game right now than Bobby Conn.

He has no plans on letting up on your book Saturday. With this package get winners on the following games:

Brewers v. A's
Vinicius Salvador v. Victor Altamirano
Pacers v. Hawks
Astros v. Nationals
Senators v. Devils
Blue Jackets v. Canadiens
Golden Knights v. Oilers

This package comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or else you get the next day FREE from Bobby!

If ...

*383-300 Run L87 Days +$51,800* - Martin's Saturday All-Inclusive 3-Pack!

*Top 10 Overall Capper 4 of L7 Years!*

*#1 Ranked NBA Capper in 2016-17!*

*#3 Ranked NBA Capper in 2012-13!*

*#8 Ranked NBA Capper in 2021-22!*

*#8 Ranked NBA Capper in 2014-15!*

*#9 Ranked NBA Capper in 2019-20!*

*#2 Ranked NCAAB Capper in 2017-18!*

*#3 Ranked NCAAB Capper in 2012-13!*

*#3 Ranked NCAAB Capper in 2016-17!*

*#10 Ranked NCAAB Capper in 2018-19!*

*3629-3216 Basketball Run! ($1,000/game bettors <...

Saturday's 4-Play All Sports BLACK OUT Bundle!

**4 picks included in Saturday's BLACK OUT BUNDLE!**

Crush your book on Saturday with Timothy Black.

You get EVERY SINGLE play for today for just one low price of $49.99!

If you had invested $1k per play with Black's BEST BETS how much would you be up? $14,700!

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The Info Plays team is ready to LIGHT UP THE BOARD on Saturday with the 4 picks we have available for our premium members. The action is on the following:

Red Wings vs Flyers
Wales vs Croatia
Marlon Vera vs Cory Sandhagen
Pelicans vs Clippers

Riding a RED HOT 56-39 (59%) run over our last 98 premium picks!

Those dime bettors out there following along have GAINED $14,700 IN PROFITS since March 04, 2023!

Find out for yourself why high rollers and professional gamblers trust the ...

Black Widow's All-Inclusive Saturday 2-Pack!

Black Widow is on a 135-107 run!

Nobody works harder to make sure his clients make money. Follow him Saturday for winners on these games:

- Nets/Heat
- Red Sox/Rays

We thrive on long-term customers and are not one of those services who needs to constantly rely on new leads to stay in business. We keep people happy and winning so they come back season after season, year after year.

Black Widow is so confident he'll BURY YOUR BOOK, the next day is free ...

Stephen Nover's All-Sports, All-Access Saturday Sweep Package

Pocket winners across three sports with Stephen Nover's All-Access Saturday Sweep Package. Stephen is 10-3 in the NCAA Tournament and has a Max Unit tournament play to go with his NHL March Total of the Month and strong NBA play. Get all of Stephen's premium Saturday plays here at a special discount package fare!

Boyd's Saturday 2-FOR-1 BEST BET Package! (100% GUARANTEED!)

**GO 2-0 on Saturday with my 2-for-1 pack**

If you WANT TO WIN on Saturday then this is the package for you. No one has done a better job of DELIVERING PROFITS for clients over the long-haul than I have.

I'm ready to continue to help bettors like you CRUSH THE BOOKS and PROFIT on Saturday.


I am so CONFIDENT that these 2 picks will ...

Saturday's 6-Play Overall Pack from Michael Alexander!

Michael Alexander is on an INCREDIBLE 11-6 (65%) run over his last 17 Overall picks! $1,000/game clients now up $3,910 since March 21, 2023!
Now it's your turn! Join now and start winning today!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED!

**12-5 Run L5 Days** Dave's Saturday Basketball 5-Pack!

**6X Top 10 Basketball Handicapper!** Dave is on a 2712-2430 Hoops Run over the long haul that has his $1,000/game investors up $86,360! He finished as the #4 Basketball Capper in 2019-20 and followed it up as the #6 Basketball Capper in 2020-21 two seasons ago! He is coming off a 12-5 Run L5 Days in hoops! Give your book the beating it deserves tonight and hop on board for Dave's Saturday Basketball 5-Pack for $49.95! By doing so you'll earn access to his 7* UConn/Gonzaga West ...

Jack's Saturday 3-Play Power Pack! (25* GOTY Inside, HOT 15-3 Run L4 Days)

No. 3 Ranked Overall Capper All-Time! Jack Jones has absolutely CRUSHED the books over the past 6 years! He is riding a 3566-3095 Run L2022 Days on all premium plays that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $197,500! He was the No. 5 Ranked Overall Capper in 2022 as well with his $1,000/game players up $62,170 last year alone!

No. 1 Ranked Basketball Capper All-Time! Check the long-term results and you’ll see that Jack Jones has put together a MASSIVE 3603-3148 Hoops Run since 2012 that ...