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Syracuse vs. Western Michigan

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Syracuse vs. Western Michigan

Postby Pick Bot » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:03 pm

Syracuse -5 2.2% play

I really like for Syracuse to make a statement in this game against Western Michigan. I think we are getting a bit of line value from previous season when Western Michigan competed with the big boys. Syracuse is also an under rated team this year. People forget they knocked off Clemson and went 4-8 with the #2 toughest schedule in the country while dealing with tons of injuries including their QB Dungey who is back in this game playing behind an experienced offensive line.

The offense returns 8 starters, and it will be Dino Baber's best offense in his third year here. I actually think they will have a lot of success running and throwing the ball this year. They'll be going up against Western Michigan's defense which is predicted to take a step back this year. They lost their star CB and all 3 of their starting linebackers. Syracuse also has Wagner on deck while Western Michigan has Michigan so you tell me who has focused on this game more in the off season. Syracuse really can't afford to lose this game and need to get off to a good start for a change.

I think Syracuse should win here by double digits. The MAC has not done well against ACC going 3-25 since 2010 being outscored by 17.8 points per game. Since 2015 it's gotten worse they have gone 0-12 and have been outscored by 26.1 points per game. This is an unusual situation where the game means more to the Power 5 school than it does to the MAC school.
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