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Oddsmaker Review  9/10

SportsBetCapping is dedicated to delivering only the best It is the main reason why we will provide you with our ratings as well as five other websites that have also reviewed the sportsbook. No other sportsbook review site will do this, but we do not hesitate!

According to OddsMaker: is one of the most reputable gaming sites online today. Offering you everything from Sportsbook wagering, poker rooms, casino games, fantasy games, all to better accommodate you.

We make it a priority to understand every customers' need by controlling and operating our own technical and customer support staff in house, so we can serve you better and build a true honest relationship that you can always depend on anytime

SportsBetCapping on Oddsmaker:

Oddsmaker is personally one of my favorites. The bonuses they offer are great. Their 100% match bonus is some times 200% free play. What they do is take $1 off every $30 you bet so what it does is reduces the juice considerably. So on -110 if you risk $31 they'll take $1 off your free play so you are really risking $30, which makes it like playing on reduced juice all the time at -105. You will notice your account will last much longer, because you will have to win at a lower % to break even.

Their deposit and withdraws are easy as pie. I got a debit card from them so whenever I want cash I simply ask and poof like paypal it hits my card 2-3 days later. Only problem is it took 2 weeks to get the card originally and it was a $15 fee. They could improve the site by offering this withdraw method as free and speeding up the initial delivery time. Still they are on my top 5 in terms of getting your money!

Customer service is great the live chat is there for your convenience and they are very knowledgeable unlike many sites who don't know a darn thing. I give the site a 9/10! For there are some negative feedbacks out there, but given that I have personal experience with the site and have nothing but good things to say about them I have no problem recommending them!

Sports Offered:
Football | Basketball | Baseball | Hockey | Soccer | Boxing | Golf | Tennis | Auto Racing | NASCAR | Olympics

Types of Wagers:
Singles | Straights | Parlays | Teasers | Pleasers | Special Teasers | Buy Points | Futures | Sports Props | Entertainment & Political Props

Payment Methods:

Instant Check (ACH) | Credit Cards | NETeller | MoneyBookers | Money Transfers | Bank Wires

Max/Min Wager:

Internet: Min Wager $5 | Max Wager $1,000
(Note: Larger limits are available upon request based on player history)

Contact Info:
Phone: 1.877.633.7238 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1.877.633.7238      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1.877.633.7238      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. | Email: [email protected] |


By SportsBetCapping Administrator on 06/16/2009 10:01 PM
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