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We launched in January of 2009 and have expanded to four handicapping experts. You can find additional information on each expert on their bio page (linked at the bottom of this post).

"where records don't lie."
We live by our tag line! The general image of the sports capping industry is not one we portray. There are thousands of services out there that are phony and claim unrealistic numbers and records. Some of the things we do to ensure that you know everything about our experts are:

  • All Guaranteed Picks are released 5 minutes after a game starts, where you purchase them. (See Image Below)
  • All Free/Premium/Guaranteed Picks are sent and posted for record keeping to the Forum Here 5 minutes after the game.
  • We are Documented by two third party monitoring sites (below)
  • We post a sortable records table that offers a complete history of the expert's records on the site
  • We offer a snapshot of recent plays and return on investment on each expert's record page
  • At any time you can see how all of our experts records combined! If you ever want to purchase a complete access package to the site where you have access to all of our experts, Contact Us Here for a Quote.

We are documented by two third party sources:


Note: Records may vary various reasons. Both tracking services only offer 1-5 unit tracking. If one of our experts place a bid for 3.5 units that can only be tracked as a 3 unit or 4 unit play on the above monitoring services.

SportsBetCapping has the most dedicated Documented Records section out of any handicapping site out there, hands down!. We update our records after every game and you can sort through the records by sport or units risked. Our records table offer our complete records history with a snapshot of recent results and Return On Investment. You can view this for all experts combined or individually. No other site does this!

In this industry you will see sites all over claiming records and streaks yet there usually is no proof. They will show you recent results dating back to 10 plays and that is it. They do not want you knowing their records, because they would lose your business right away. Here at SportsBetCapping, our records don't lie and neither do we. There are no secrets kept from our customers. Show me a site that shows you more than we do for their expert's record and we will give you access free for 1 week!

The Pick Ratings:
All of our handicappers go off a 1-5 unit scale, with a 5 unit play being the highest play. A 5 unit play is rare and is usually considered the play of the week or the play of the month/year. Each handicapper will typically release 1-3 free plays per week depending on how many games they play in that particular week.

Our Services:
SportsBetCapping offers very competitive discount packages that can be located and found on our main tool bar under Discount Packages. Each user has his own package, but prices are identical. If there is ever a package that you are interested in that we do not have simply email us by using the Contact Us and tell us what you are looking for, length of service, expert, and price you are looking to spend. We will make every effort to meet your needs.

Our main goal is to meet your needs and make you a profit. Please never hesitate to email us with any questions or suggestions.

If you want to get to know our experts more simply visit their bio pages here:

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