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Sports Interaction Review  8/10

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Location: Canada
Phone: 1-888-922-5575

Sports Interaction was awarded its sports betting license by the Kahnawake gaming commission in Canada in 1997 where it remains licensed today. is aimed at the small to medium sized player, it has grown into one of the most widely used sportsbooks on the Internet. It's reputation for payment and customer service is outstanding. Many players are loyal to sportsinteraction as they remain with the sportsbook because of their level of customer service.

Sports Interaction Bonus:

Sportsinteraction offers a 100% Bonus – many times. What is unique about sportsinteraction and their bonuses as they are constantly changing. Sometimes you will have a bonus like the NFL Super Bowl that is for the small bettor and other times you will have the 25% bonus for the larger bettor.

They also offer many contests if you are with the sportsbook such as free parlays and other free wagers.

The real bonus with SportsInteraction is the number of betting options they provide you on a daily basis.

Betting Options:

Because of its operation that expands from North America to overseas, Sports Interaction has a solid handle on what both markets are looking for. It is incredible how many different betting options you will find with sportsinteraction. For a single NFL game you will find up to 30 different betting options. This makes for over one thousand betting options in a typical week of football between college and pro games.

Football is not the only sport they offer a variety of betting options on. There are many wagers available for every major sport including all college sports and pro hockey. Sportsinteraction offer some of the most unique bonuses that change constantly. For the Super Bowl the sportsinteraction bonus was deposit $24 and get $24 free. They also offer betting on many other sports such as Aussie Rules Football, cricket, tennis, MMA, motor racing and for those who like golf, this book has more options available for betting the links than any other.


This sportsbook is one of the most efficient in the industry when it comes to speedy payouts and it provides a variety of options for customers.

Withdraw funds by certified bank check. Check delivery times vary based on customers location. As a valued sportsinteraction customer you get one free payout per month. Customer Rating: (4** out of 5)

Withdraw funds from Sports Interaction to your bank account within 3 business days with Bank wire.

In terms of funding your account, the book offers credit card payments, bank wire, or a certified check, money order or bank draft.


Sports Interaction has invested huge dollars and made monster strides to make sure the customer is cared for in terms of player payout and customer service. It’s now one of the most reliable and easy to use sportsbooks in the betting industry.

The 24/7 customer service center is a prime example, where you’ll always find someone helpful and knowledgeable whenever you contact the book. You’ll also find some of the fastest payouts and best security you could hope for when signing up to place your wagers.


By SportsBetCapping Administrator on 02/15/2010 8:43 PM
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